Monika is a freelance Illustrator born and raised in Luleå, a coastal town in Swedish Lapland. These days she lives in London, England. Her work has been described as playful technicolor fantasies. Being an illustrator she says, is the best job of them all.

Monika loves working on new projects, to briefs and in collaboration, so if you have a project in mind or simply want to say Hi, please write her a message

Recent clients include

eeBoo, ANTHROPOLOGIE, NY REVIEW, OOPSIE DAISY, UNICEF, LAGOM DESIGN, REDValentino, John Lewis, GORMAN clothing, QUARTO PUBLISHING, Natur&Kultur, Penguin Randomhouse, Liberty London, Freespirit Fabrics and THE UNITED NATIONS!

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If you want to hear me and Danielle Krysa of JEALOUS CURATOR chat about Ducks, dogs and other things head to her podcasts and select THIS episode

5 Random things about me

I really like Paris.

When I was two or three years old I climbed around on a shopping trolley at the supermarket, fell off, hit my head and passed out. When I woke up my childminder told me to not tell anyone. I haven’t, until now.

My three favourite colours are Green, brown and pink. I equally love beige, yellow and blue. And so on.

My middle name is Regina which was my mums middle name and her mums middle name and so on for generations back. Our youngest son Reggie was named Reginald because I have no daughters.

Crayon, an artist's guide to drawing on the go! published by Quartp Creates

Crayon, an artist's guide to drawing on the go! published by Quartp Creates


Thank you for reading/ Mon x