I’m Monika and I’m a freelance illustrator. My work has been described as playful technicolor fantasies and rhythmical naivism. To be an illustrator is truly the best jobs of them all.

I love working on new projects, to briefs and in collaboration, so if you have a project in mind or simply want to say Hi, please write me a message by filling in the form below. There are work available for licensing too. Recent clients include


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5 Random things about me

I really like Paris.

When I was two or three years old I climbed around on a shopping trolley at the supermarket, fell off, hit my head and passed out. When I woke up my childminder told me to not tell anyone. I haven’t, until now.

My three favourite colours are Green, brown and pink. I equally love beige, yellow and blue. And so on.

My middle name is Regina which was my mums middle name and her mums middle name and so on for generations back. Our youngest son Reggie was named Reginald because I have no daughters.

Crayon, an artist's guide to drawing on the go! published by Quartp Creates

Crayon, an artist's guide to drawing on the go! published by Quartp Creates

As a Child

I was born and raised in a coastal city in Swedish Lapland where It was almost always winter, yet the summers lasted forever. In the mid nineties I moved to London.

Childhood was often dark, always snow. One summer I had turned 7 before my best friend and therefore got to take swimming lessons, but not she. Peter across the road was also 7 and therefore we went to the swimming lessons together.*

This was exciting as 1) It was the first time I got to be first at anything. A winner, of sorts. Apart from swimming lessons, my best friend she always won, even when she lost… And

2) I got to go swimming lessons with Peter whom had a hamster. He also once shot an ice puck into my left eye one winter so my parents had to take me to a&e.

Our swimming teacher was called Rickard, he wore white clogs, the leather of the shoes were woven into an intricate pattern. He looked very tall to us down there in the water looking up at him standing at the poolside. When I was sixteen he became my PE teacher, I didn’t tell him that I had thought he’d looked like Magnum PI when I was 7. I think he got signed off for stress, because after only a few lessons we got another PE teacher.

*I learnt to swim in the same swimming pool where the film ‘Let the right one in’ was filmed.


As an Adult

I moved to London by boat, brought a suitcase full of clothes, a bag of records and my cello. Everyone in London was crazier than me. Except the ones who weren’t. Once I worked in a call centre phoning people randomly and asking them questions such as; Did you watch telly last night? Oh you did, did you? Would you, by any chance have seen an advert about chocolate at 8.02 pm? You did? Can you remember what brand that was? Would you consider trying that bar of chocolate? And so on….Sometimes a phone conversation would last forever. If people hung up before a certain point you wouldn’t get a gold star. If we got 10 gold stars we’d get a bonus. I quit the job and started working in a night club. I soon quit that job too. Both jobs were in Archway.


Thank you for reading/ Mon x